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ViVa LaS VeGaS!!

X - TrEmE CoUnTrY ShOw
ViVa LaS VeGaS!!
ThE HoLiDaY CrUiSe ShIp CaSt!!
MiISsIpPi - PaScAgOuLa!!
ThE BaHaMaS!!
MoBiLe - AlAbAmA!!
CoZuMeL, CoStA MaYa & CaLiCa - MeXiCo!!
GrUpO KuBa AdVeRtIsEmEnT!!
JaNfUsAn - TaIwAn "G5 RiDe"

Heya people, well here I am in "LAS VEGAS - NEVADA" having a blast. This is how it went down....


            We left the airport in the afternoon, and when I say we I mean Bryce (18), Fiona (21), Marie (20), Melanie (21) & me (20). We left at night which was odd because I’m used to leaving Australia in the Morning to go anywhere. The journey from Australia to "HONOLULU - HAWAII" was a fairly long 9 hour flight but we arrived 1 hour ahead of schedule. We still had to wait about 5 hours before our next flight so we sat around and talked, but ended up falling asleep next to the gate that was assigned to us. We all boarded the plane at around 4pm and headed towards NEVADA which was a relaxed 5 hour flight that played "THE LEGEND OF ZORRO" as their in-flight movie.


We got there with time to spare so after we collected our belongings we headed to the front of the entrance of the Airport where our drivers were supposed to be waiting for us but weren't there yet because we were early. It was cold and I couldn't just stand around and not do anything so Mel and I decided to dance around Bryce who was staring into space and was surprised to see both of us running around him and dancing weird by waving our hands in the air like monkeys and speaking an unknown! The drivers just turned the corner and saw Melanie and me being stupid and immediately assumed that we were the dancers. Luckily they were nice guys and had a laugh about it. Simon, one of the drivers is the main boss of everything so we were on our best behavior in the car. We arrived at the hotel that we were staying at and we had the next day off but the following day we began our rehearsals.

Extended Stay America Hotel
This is what i come back to every afternoon.... AHHHhhhhh.....


The first day of rehearsals was the worst for me because didn’t know half the things that I had to do but I followed along with the flow and I managed to pull of some things that I didn’t even know I could do. One thing that absolutely blew my mind away was (all dancers should know this step) “THE AXLE TURN” – a double turn with a jump. I had no clue of what I had to do, but I examined and analyzed what the other did and tried doing it but ended up looking really weird and awkward. LOL! That’s nothing because it’s been almost 2 weeks of rehearsals now and I can even do a CARTWHEEL now and that is a BIG thing because I have never been upside down before – ever – in my life nor did I think I could. I had to learn that because I’m doing a cartwheel off the stage into my other costume and on for the next number.



Apart from that everything going good and I’m having a really good time. Well soon it’s off to Mississippi catch ya’ there!! Peace out people!!


My schedule is as follows:


1st week: **Learnt**


(9am – 5pm) Sunday:

***Opening Number – Bad to the Bone***


(10pm – 6pm) Monday:

***Joyful, Joyful – Beach Number***


(9am – 4:30pm) Tuesday:

***Cowboy Solos #1***


(9am – 5pm)Wednesday:

***The Monster Mash – Cowboy Solos #2***


(9am – 5pm) Thursday:

***Beach Boys (Surfin’ U.S.A) – Rockin’ Robin***


(9am – 5pm) Friday:

***Shout! - ***


2nd Week:

(9am – 6pm) Sunday:

***8 More Seconds - Baby Likes To Rock It ***


(9am – 5pm) Monday:
***The Aggie Song – Against the Grain ***


(9am – 4:30pm)Tuesday:


(9am – 5pm) Wednesday:


(9am – 5pm) Thursday:


(9am – 5pm) Friday: